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Each NorthPoint Family will have the choice between two flexible payment options:

Curriculum & Academics

NorthPoint Christian Academy will strive to fully prepare students for post-graduation opportunities, whether college or career.  Below you will find a Curriculum Matrix of core courses by grade level.

We aim to ignite the fire of learning in our students so that they will become lifelong learners. We do this by designing environments that are supportive and engage our learners with learning activities that connect with their unique learning styles.

NorthPoint students will thrive when there is a partnership between educators and parents in supporting their development. Research shows that teachers, parents and the community working together is a key factor in student success. At NorthPoint, parents will be invited to be involved in school life and culture. Our goal is to develop close relationships with teachers, staff and each other. This community spirit will surround our students as we all have a shared commitment to their success.

Truly preparing students for their future also looks differently in a rapidly evolving world. Many of our students’ future jobs do not currently exist, and the problems they will be required to solve are unpredictable. NorthPoint will aim to equip them with both the knowledge and the tools they will need to thrive.

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